Important notes for your security

security systemYour service always has your best and most secure interests in mind, and if there is anything that you are wondering when it comes to your own security situation at home, please get in touch today. When speaking with our forward thinking team you’ll be able to find out basic security requirements, and get a good over all understanding of what makes a good home security situation. Locksmith Islington is always happy to help advice you on what can be done to ensure greater security and safety for your family and your belongings.

The risks which you are facing as home owner or in having a property are always changing, making it extra important to stay active and alert. The service team is always extra vigilant in keeping up to date with the industry so that we can offer you effective security at home, at any time. If you haven’t yet dedicated thought to your security situation at home, perhaps now is a good time to do so, and if any questions crop up which you need assistance with, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your security  team of experts.

Types of alarms, a beginners guide

Looking at alarm systems for the first time is a big task. There are simply so many out there. Confusion is natural. We are here to help anyone new to the field with some basic information. Which will hopefully help you get a grasp of what is available. And eventually. To find out what your preference will be for installation.

Security alarm info for beginnersBells only refers to the sounding alarms. You may have heard the familiar ring at some point. Many homes have this type of alarm installed today. But more often than not, the alarms also come with other features. A bells only system is great for deterrence but relies heavily on the intervening action of your neighbours for notification.

A monitored alarm is connected to some form of notification system. With alarm companies this may be a service. Such as someone calling your home should the alarm be triggered. Or with other varieties. The alarm is triggered and you are notified in some way. Smart home security systems often operates as such.

Systems with CCTV capabilities and remote connectivity are also an option. Lately there has been many new systems arriving on the market. Generally they come in at a higher price. But they come with all the customisation and remote capabilities you could imagine.

If you are looking into getting an alarm installed there will also be a choice between a wired and a wireless system. The hard wired system is more robust and secure. But require professional installation.

The bottom line is, that a home security alarm system. Regardless of what kind you pick will greatly reduce your risk of being burgled. Call our technicians day or night with your home security alarm questions. And speak to us today about your security upgrading plans.

Keyless lock solutions at your convenience

Being available hours is something considered a must by the hard working and dedicated service team. The reason being simple, with great understanding of the difficulty and stress which a faulty keyless lock or a lockout situation can cause in a most important times, your locksmith service team want to help and assist our customers.

And as it is with things that go wrong, they tend to also choose the wrong time, something perhaps typical or ironic, but never the less common. Even with keyless locks, disaster can strike. Call on your  service team in times of need and you will reach a ready and dedicated service who will be with you immediately. We’re well versed in dealing with all kinds of problems, whether its with yale locks or keyless locks.

And, looking to the future, they can provide all manner of security advice.

And if thoughts on your current home or business security situation may find some inspiration in this great video packed with information and tips on good things to keep in mind from a security perspective.

Your recommended and reliable service

locksmith islington home in handsWe place the highest priority in reliability for our customers, and it’s our goal to always be able to provide you with a friendly and trustworthy service which you can use over and over again, as well as recommend to your friends in need. Your locksmiths team is proud to say that we have so far succeeded, and if you ask any of our previous customers you will sure also know that we are dedicated and always keep our customer in mind at the centre of each service and job required.

So feel free to get in touch with us with your day to day needs of having keys cut, locks repaired and ensuring that security is kept to the highest standard for you. This for your home, or for your workplace, and having provided many private as well as commercial customers to a more secure every day, you can rest assured that we will do the same for you. Your locksmiths team keeps you at the centre of all decision making, giving you clear prices, and ensuring that extract the highest security value from your investments. And for us, security and safety for yourself and those you love is always something worth investing in.


Easy to understand security from your team

Easy to understand home security with your locksmith IslingtonIn an industry such as ours we know how important it is to provide both what is safe, and what is suitable. That is why the team here, who cares much for your security also takes into account your budget and your overall situation. The high security solutions that you find when coming to a trusted team will be applicable to your personal security situation, and all your questions will be answered in a language which is simple and understandable for you. There is no point to learning the inside and the outside of all security details of your home as you have other interests which take priority. Should you be interested it’s another story, and if so, the team here are more than happy to help you understand each feature in detail.

Calling a professional team today will help you both become more security in the physical sense as well as help you feel more secure, which will hopefully help you rest better at night. Security is important for every home and every business, not only to keep your risks at a minimum towards intrusion and attack, but also to keep your finances safe. Many insurance companies will not pay out if you do not have the proper security means in place. So check your policy, and get in touch with the quick team today. Why not get a home security inspection to put your mind at rest? If you are unsure of whether or not you have the cover required for your policy, you can of course always ask the  team to help you. In a security check we can review and help you put into place what you need, and at a reasonable and competitive price at that.

Protect against heightened risks with your dedicated team

Your locksmith Islington helping you feel secure this winterThe sun is setting earlier and earlier, and as the long nights are upon us, it’s extra important to make sure that your home is kept safe, secure and comfortable. Many homeowners today are unaware of the small things which can make your home a better place to be, where worries with regards to theft are close to obliterated. With the right security measures your home can rid itself of many unnecessary risks, and with your  team you will be sure to find a solution which also fits in with your finances. Security is an area often associated with large costs, however today that is simply not the case. Your competitively priced team are highly in tune with the industry market and knows what deals are good for you. So speak to the team today to find out how you can bring your security up to scratch without breaking the bank. We can show you what home security solutions are available to you…and for what price.

Read more about the locksmith tools we use to keep you safe here.
Leaving you to enjoy your Christmas with less worry and stress. During the festive season the average value of goods in your home goes up, we know this statistically just as well as the burglars know this. However, not to worry, with your knowledgeable team you can find a cheap and effective solution for your situation. Affordable security is something that your prides themselves in being able to provide, as the feeling of security is something everyone should be able to have. This is part of our vision, and if you would like to know more, all you need to do is give us a call.

A great service for all your needs

a great locksmith islington team for all your requirementsIn your long search for a flexible provider of all your security requirements, including products, installation services and advice both for home and work spaces we are sure you have come across a wide array of different things.

The caring service team understands that it’s not always easy to know what to choose, as well as we see how you would rather spend your valuable time doing something else than researching an area which is of little significance to your own daily work. Which is why we would like to inform you of our wonderful and flexible service here.

Bringing you all the lock, key and security products and service you can imagine, in a flexible and adaptable way, you can trust this long-lived service team to provide what you need, fast, easy and at a great price.

All the information you require is made available in simple to understand terms, should security not be one of your own hobbies and any points you would like to discuss we give advice on gladly.

In other words, if you wish to set your worries on security, locks and keys, whether regards to a work situation or a home scenario why not come to a respected service team who are here to provide relevant services at your convenience.

Keys cut, locks changed, checked and installed, alarm systems, security inspections and security solutions are only a few mentions of what the wonderful service team here can help you with, so don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

Garden security with your service team

a locksmith islington recommending a trellis among other things for your garden securityOutdoor areas need protection to, and today there are many who provide great security for the structure but forget the outdoor areas. There are many benefits to garden security and not neglecting these areas, and their use extends all the way to the actual protection and overall security situation of also your building. In other words, by giving some attention to the garden you can make the security of your house a lot higher.

Things like adding difficult to pass through plants and bushes in areas where you would like them, adding perhaps a wonderfully flimsy trellis at the top of your fence making it a nightmare to climb and adding good locks to your outdoor areas and structures are all things which help you in creating that look of a secure home which burglars and thieves avoid. Simply put, it is easy to quickly improve garden security. Good locks are of course a must on your doors, and preferably a home alarm system, but if you take the garden security in mind when you plan your own home security, you will no doubt be on the right way forward.

Should you need help with getting your locks checked, changed or repaired, don’t hesitate to call on the expert team here. High security alarms and monitoring systems are also available from the highly trained service team who you will reach upon calling our number. All your daily requirements inclusive of key cutting can also be met with competitively priced great quality services. Get in touch with your questions now, and if there is an emergency, you can count on this service team to get to you quickly.

Some Security Tips From The Locksmiths Of Islington

Do you need a home security survey performed? Well hopefully after a few tips and tricks you should know whether you need one. In this section We’ll explain what happens on a home security survey, why someone would need a home security survey. Home and business security surveys are short, cheap, and highly recommended to any home or business owner. Give us a phone call and we’ll be able to discuss in more depth and reach an agreement whether you would be safe with or without a survey. Our surveys are reasonably priced and don’t take long at all, a small cost to ensure the safety of your home, family and possessions. The time taken on a survey would depend completely on the size of the property plus the number of risks to security in the home. We’ll even survey your outdoors areas for you as often there are many measures people don’t consider for their outsides that greatly improve the security of the inside.

We check Locks on doors and windows and we can replace any broken or damaged locks on site. We’ll look over your current security measures and offer suggestions for improvements that can be made, this can bring an overwhelming sense of safety to know that you’re doing everything in your power to keep intruders out. Call our friendly staff today and get a free quote in minutes. Our professional highly qualified team are ready to speak to you today so give one of our friendly team a call, we’re waiting for your call 24/7!

Some security alarm reminders from your team

keep your alarm security up to date with a great locksmith islington teamIf you are one of the many who have today opted to keep your home under the protection of a home security alarm system today, we would like to bring you some good pointers on how you can ensure that you make good use out of this outstandingly great security feature.

General advice is difficult to give as each security system comes with different functionality, design and features however, what seems common to many, is the programming of a code which has to be given upon entering your home to deactivate the alarm. Your friendly service team would remind you of how vital it is to ensure that you change this code often enough, and although it can feel a strenuous activity having to memorise a new code, a couple of digits, or the pattern in which you press it will only take a couple of repetitions until it sticks. And why don’t you look at it how the service team sees it.

As brain gymnastics, something that gives your mind a little workout. If you have not yet changed your code for your alarm this month, perhaps due to not knowing how to do it, perhaps it’s time to have a look in the manual and learn how to. Burglar alarms are excellent tools, but only when used effectively.

Your service team knows that the whole procedure will not take much more than a few seconds when you know it well. If you have yet to have an alarm installed at home, get in touch with your service team now, we can help you find what suits your building, your preferences, your style and answer all your security related questions. We’re fast, competitive in price, and promise that you will not regret choosing us for your all around 24 hour  service team.