What can I do when I have lost my keys?

What can I do when I have lost my keys?

A situation that most of us will face at some point in our lives is the problem of lost keys. And as these things go, they are never predictable and not something that you can plan for. More often than not they also have a tendency to go astray at times which are unsuiting. Promoting panic and anxiety.

What do I do if I've lost my keysIt doesn’t matter how many great precautions you have taken to keep your keys safe. To keep spare keys close by and accessible. There is always a huge range of factors outside of your control. And if lady luck is away for the weekend. You may just find yourself in that difficult situation. So what to do when you find that you’ve lost your keys then.

Get your local fast locksmith on the line. The 24 hour service one, who cares for you, and who has the tools for the job to be resolved quickly and with minimal hassle to you. Our service is such, and you can reach us at any time. The phone number you’ll find on the home page, and if you have questions about the emergency lockout service provided. You can call at any hour to ask them. There are of course a wide range of other flexible and high security services and installations also available. At your convenience. Have a discussion about your home or business security with a professional today. Or simply get your fast quote from our skilled work women and men right now.

When finding that you have lost your keys, we could suggest that you search your home for open windows. But we refrain, as we assume you have good security habits and lock them all before leaving. We could also suggest that you use a card to try and slip your latch lock, however as it can damage the lock we give no such recommendation. We could also suggest that you in advance hide a spare key somewhere at your or your neighbours premises in case of emergency. But due to the security risk it poses of course that to is out of the question. Best is to simply get in touch with your 24 hour access security locksmith as soon as you find that your keys are lost to save yourself stress and trouble.

How does a fingerprint door lock work?

How does a fingerprint door lock work?

In this day and age it’s no wonder that often when thinking about home security. Especially the high security kind. We think of fingerprint door locks and other biometric varieties. Some of these are handprint locks, facial recognition and eye scanning locks.

fingerprint lock accessThis type of automatic and somewhat scifi inspired varieties are now available on the market. There are a whole range of fingerprint door lock technology out there to be had. It comes with both positives and negatives. The only question is if it’s the right solution for you.

The definition of a fingerprint door lock is an access system which reads your fingerprint. The lines on our hands are unique to our person and is a secure way of identification. You may think that as it is no longer admissible in court as sole evidence, that security wise it would be a poor choice. However, the chances of someone with your fingerprint going passed your house with the intention of burglarizing it. Is next to nothing.

One of the main factors that people today opt for a hand or fingerprint door lock is due to the convenience it provides. After all there is no risk of lost keys. You are not at risk of forgetting your fingers or hands at home. Some may also choose it for the novelty. Which is something that our traditional technicians also understand. If it provides your home or office with good security, and you can have a bit of fun whilst feeling secure. Than we say, go ahead.

What’s worth to mention however. If you are thinking about joining the technology’s advancement. Is that there will be a time of change and getting accustomed to it. Keys are strangely versatile and practical. A point which many who have chose to go for a keyless option come to realise and comment on. Other key less options than the biometric route is smart homes and electronic key systems.

What tools does a locksmith use?

What tools does a locksmith use?

With a trade so specific. It’s no wonder that the arsenal of locksmith tool needs to be of the highest grade. Without the right locksmith tools any job turns into a long and difficult one.

Being experienced in the industry and the trade. Of course our technicians carry both the standard locksmith toolkit as well as personal favourites.

For those of you out there who are interested in the trade. Maybe as a future career. Or for you who is a little curious about how things work. The experienced locksmiths here would like to share some basic information about the locksmith tools we make the most use out of.

Other than regular tools such as screwdrivers, drills and so on here are a few which we think are worth a mention.

Speciality tweezers are one of our standard use locksmith tools. Rounded at the end to be able to hold on to pins. Key gauge for duplication and key making. A range of tools such as followers end cap removal tools for re-keying. Each smith will also always carry a pick set for lockout assistance needs.

These are just a couple of the locksmith tools that are carried at all times. Together with spare parts and spare locks. Our vehicles are equipped to handle any situation at any time. Give us a ring if you need emergency help now. Or to speak with an expert about locks, keys or locksmith tools.

A regular locksmith pick setPerhaps the most interesting part for you who are not in the run for becoming a locksmith. The pick set. Perhaps you are wondering if you will be able to learn how to pick locks yourself.

Next week we’ll take a closer and more detailed look at that here. Please read on.

What can I do if I’m in a lockout situation?

There is no right or wrong ways to react if you are struck with the unpleasant surprise of being locked out. Lockout situations are by nature stressful. And if you are in one now. By no means is it time to panic. First our professionals, who have seen many lockout scenarios play out would like to recommend some actions.

Trace back your steps to when you last had your keys. If lost keys are the reason that you have lost access. If there is not time, or if you’ve lot transportation means to do so. Go and ring on your trusted neighbours door. The one that you pre-emptive saved a spare key with for situations such as this.

If a key cannot be attained this way, get in touch with the close family member or friend that has the other spare key, and ask them to get to your location.

what to do if in a hard lockout situationWe understand that lockout situations are never planned. Sometimes we are left without choice. If you are stuck, give us a call now. Our 24 hour available lockout service is ready and available for you at all times. We are local, fast, trusted and arrive with the tools needed to resolve your situation.

In summary, there is no way to completely prevent a lockout scenario from happening. After all. We carry our keys everywhere we go, and if you haven’t updated to a keyless system yet. Then these things can happen. Save the number for your local trusted lockout service now. Find it on our homepage or contact page now.

Of course you are free to get in touch at any point with regards to any of your lock or security requirement and questions now. We work hard to keep prices low and competitive for you. And to combine it with brilliant service which leaves you no reason to ever have to find another locksmith service again.

Products and services

Everything keys, quick and easy with your locksmith

Everything in the way of keysOne of the things which a team which is fully dedicated to your service and your security understands well, is the need for convenience. That’s why when you have a key or lock request, a daily need, we aim to perform it with as little friction and inconvenience for you as possible. The words is busy, and with stress a main reason for health concerns it’s important to ensure that you have an understanding and ready locksmith ready and available. Security, or lock issues may not be something that is part of your everyday life, however there is a big chance that you will be stuck with either the need for an emergency locksmith or that you will need assistance with your security at home or at work.

The best way to ensure that you have what you need, in a convenient, time efficient and friendly way, is to come to your dedicated locksmith now. It doesn’t matter what service need you have, the team here treats all jobs as highly important as they are to do with the security of an individual or a family. Lost keys, lock changes or other. Without the feeling of security we can not focus, and without physical protection for ourselves and our materials we stand against the constant threat of bad situation. Added to that, often worries about security are hard to detect if you are not aware or used to them. Make sure that you are well prepared, especially when the preparation is as simple as saving our number and as convenient as a quick dial at any time if you need help. With a locksmith who is ready 24 hours a day, you will never be left waiting out in the cold for long should an unexpected lockout situation occur.

Some great points about installing a home alarm system

Great points of home security alarm systems For many, the thought of home security is something daunting and beyond what is required, however the team here would like to let you know that the numbers speak differently. It’s not the intention to frighten anyone, but to enlighten you to the fact that a home security system which will greatly reduce the risks you are facing is readily available and affordable with any great locksmith provider. Call us today to find out about how you can have your new system, or upgraded system installed and running as soon as by the end of the day.

In addition to letting you know that Locksmith Islington is ready to take your call at any time, we would like to bring up some great benefits and reasons to why it’s inevitably a good idea to make this small investment if you haven’t already. Firstly, when you are away, in combination with letting your neighbours know about your planned time out, an alarm system provides great security than most anything else. With a home alarm system today there are also many great features which will allow you to access monitoring from anywhere via secure link, as well as be notified instantaneously should there be something occurring at your home.

With technologies moving forward at a rapid pace, your knowledgeable and up to date locksmith are in addition able to provide you with a high quality, high security alarm system at an affordable, fair and competitive rate.

Please call us now if you wish to gain more information about how you can become safer at home with a locksmith who aims for your best and applicable security features for your situation.

UPVC security expert

stylish brown upvc door security For those of you unaware what UPVC stands for, it means unplasticised poly vinyl chloride. You may never have heard the term before, but no doubt you will have come across it. A now widespread material used for many doors and window frames, most commonly it’s seen in it’s stereotypical representation of white, but also exists with wood effect and a whole range of different colours.

Your locksmiths have much experienced in the field of working with the security for the UPVC material, both for doors and windows, and if you are in need of professional help on the point please feel free to get in touch at any time.

In many cases the UPVC doors are of a alternative design to the traditional wood door, and often the lock, or the locking mechanism functions in a different way. If you have UPVC doors or windows at home which you need to secure, the knowledgeable and experience locksmiths here is great to get in touch with. Today many conservatory doors and windows, if not the whole structure, is also made from this material, and to ensure good security, especially if the structure is newly added and security is a point yet to be thought of, get in touch with the friendly expert locksmiths here.

You can call at any time and ask your questions relevant to your UPVC security, or book in for a partial or full security check of all your doors and windows in your property. The locksmiths are happy to assist you as a private homeowner or you as a business customer, and with competitive prices, always pushed down for your benefit, you can rest assured the team here is your best choice. Call now with any questions, book an appointment or to simply get a great quote for the work you have in mind.

Secure with style, speak to your locksmith today

beautiful design featuresThere are many old stereotype images lingering in our head from the science fiction and action films we’ve grown up with, and it’s easy to assume that something like home security will always take the shape and look of those images.

But your locksmith is here to inform you that that the technology has advanced and made its way onto the free market, where products are available as they are demanded. And although many security devices and alarms look exactly like we would imagine them, there are some products which have taken extra care to make sure that you feel that the addition of security does not ruin the look or atmosphere of your home. If you are interested in better protecting yourself from the threat of burglaries but are hesitating due to what you think it will appear like in your home, call your locksmith now and inquire about design and security features of the many great looking products we provide and install at your convenience. This include fingerprint lock solutions and smart home alarm solutions and access.

Design is in the details, and all your security features at home, all the way down to your lock can be customised and chosen to suit your home, your security needs and your person. Working with a design aware and competitive locksmith you will find a security solution which fits your every need and is a pleasure to rest the eyes on.

Just as an example, think about the many different designs of home monitoring cameras available today, speaking to an expert locksmith will not only let you find out which ones are up to security standards, but also find new inspiration and hopefully products which you will fall in love with at first sight.

Your established and experienced locksmith

your established and lovedThe prime feature for any good service provider in the field, the team here agrees is one based on merit, on work done in the past.

We feel that it’s the most honest evaluation of the work that we do, and can also take pride as well as joy in being able to provide our customers with the best of what is out there, in order to keep the people in our local area and community safe and sound.

For anyone out there who is new to thinking about their own security, at home or for their business, recommended is always to have a chat with an expert.

If you give this locksmith service a call now, you will be able to find a trained, informed and experienced individual to discuss your requirements with. We encourage anyone to give some thought to the security, especially home owners today as there are many homes which stand a greater risk for burglary and theft than they need to.

The locksmith would also like to let you know that home security is not something that needs to come at an unmountable charge. With competitive quotes you will sure come to see our point, and we’re only a phone call away. So get your questions answered today, get your high value for money quote and secure your home or your business today with a caring locksmith who knows the industry and the current security climate of the area today. And don’t forget that we are available 24 hours a day if you are ever stuck in an urgent situation where you need access fast.

Home inspection

Have your home inspected and secured by a locksmith specialist

helping your home to a great security situationThere are few things that beat having a survey for security done at your home.

By employing someone with skilled eyes with years of training and experience in the bag look your property over, you can ensure that your home is not left unprotected and subject to higher risks than needs be.

And there’s more, if you call your locksmith today, you can expect the highest level of service as well as to find great security solutions that fit with your area, your routines and your budget.

There are many security products out there which offer both high security, high quality and great value for money. A dedicated and caring locksmith knows the industry market and can guide you in the right direction towards what you need.

Call today to get quotes for the work you need done, and if you have not had it done yet, ensure that you get a trained locksmith expert look over your home and your current security situation. A small and simple action, which requires little of you other than to find a suiting time, which can no doubt save you a heap full of trouble in the past. Speak with your locksmith service today about your security and requirements.

Competitive rates and greatly beneficial quotes for the customer is something the team always keeps in mind to be able to always bring you the best of the latest, keeping you secure against upcoming threats. Call with your questions today and book in for a security survey with an experienced specialist to secure your residence today.

Your locksmith helping you set up for easy day to day high security

high security and elegant day to day solutionsWho says that security these days have to be strenuous and difficult task. If you are one to have been mislead down this path believing that a good security situation for yourself at home is something which will require a large investment and additional time from your busy day to day life.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the caring locksmith here who will hopefully convince you otherwise. Among our beliefs based on a many years in the industry and working with home security situations of a wide variety, is held firm that security, and feeling safe at home is a right of all homeowners.

Creating a good security routine for yourself at home and getting the basics features installed comes at both a low investment both in time and money. Locksmith Islington keeps prices down for you, and are happy to come and perform a professional and thorough security inspection of your property at a time which suits you. Call now to book in, and find out the ways in which you can make your home a safer place for yourself, your family and your most precious belongings.

By coming to a locksmith who understands the pressures of a busy and rich life, you will also be sure to not end up with security features which confuse and cause you stress, but products which are easy to use and take you little to no time to get into the habit of using. A locksmith always on standby in case of emergency are available on the above telephone number 24 hours a day, and your call is always welcomed.

Getting your window security up to scratch with a locksmith expert

helping you secure your windowsWhat commonly enters the mind when one thinks about home security is the thought of bulky door locks, several monitors with direct live feeds from the different entrance points of the building and perhaps even security bars jump into mind. Giving an impression of a prison more than a secure home.

What your locksmith would like to inform you of today, is that although this type of image may have been a more true reflection of a good home security situation ten years ago, it’s most definitely not the case today.

You can call your locksmith to get the assistance you need to get your home secured. Something that the team has encountered on several occasions when performing a home security survey or any other service that we provide, is that of an absolutely astounding security system in place with several layers of monitoring, alarm features and much more.

Which of course is positive, however what we have noticed, is that often great attention to detail has been given to the security system itself, and perhaps even the doors of the building, but windows have been forgotten.

This is of course more common in situations where the home owner has put the security means in place themselves, as well as being the reason that your locksmith always highly recommend consulting an expert if you have plans to install a new system.

If you call our number of course you will be able to get a hold of such an expert, one that can help you avoid pitfalls in your own security like the ones previously mentioned. Call today for more information.

Your flexible locksmith service at any time

house locksmiths

With the always ready, available and reliable locksmith you can find here you can rest assured that you will always be able to get the emergency lockout help you need, when you need it!

On top of that, the team here are not only ready for your emergency call, but flexible in timings and able to make arrangements which suit your life and timetable.

Your locksmith understands the busy lives of many who live today, and we see that it’s not always easy to fit everything that needs to have room in a day in.

Your convenience and security is of the highest priority to us here, and this is why we are happy to arrange for work to be done outside of regular working hours should your schedule require it.

For your caring locksmith, you security is top of the priority list, and a broken lock which is compromising the security integrity of your home is not something which should ever go unattended.

So feel free to get in touch with our team today and book in for the work that you need done! And if you find yourself in that horrible scenario of being locked out of your own property on a rainy night, don’t panic. Just put our number down now, so that it’s there, ready for you to use when you need it the most.

A highly trained professional is always on standby here, and with your emergency locksmiths, you can be sure that help will be on the way to you as soon as you get in touch. We are known and revered for our quick response time and our reliability. This can only come from a locksmith where all the team members are dedicated to your service.

With the wide range of services that you can find here, you will also be able to find the latest in technology and security, and your locksmith would like to bring your attention towards this item, fresh, new and very helpful in the layers of your own home security.

Home security

Your locksmith bringing home security to you and your neighbourhood

helping you to good security awarenessOne of the things which the team here sees as a duty, is to ensure that all the home security products and services that we provide are of the highest standard, both security wise as well as from a long lasting point of view.

Long lasting is not only what we aim for our repairs and replacements to be, but it’s also what we aim for our customer relationships to be. Call your locksmith today to find out just what we mean, and with getting in touch you will no doubt also find the service that you are after.

From emergency lockout services which are available from this rapid locksmith Islington immediately, but also appointments for security checks, security advice, repairs and installations of different kinds and much more.

If there is anything that you are in need of today, don’t hesitate to get in touch, here the team are always active in working to ensure that the security standards of our customers and our community is in line with industry top standards, as well as effective in the protection they provide against area specific threats.

This locksmiths is diligent and hard working in fulfilling our duties to our customers, and our good reputation comes only from the meticulous work we perform.

With a dedicated service team such as this one at your hand, there are no lock, key or security issues you cannot tackle, repair, solve and provide the best possible situation for yourself. Get in touch at any time.

Good security awareness with your locksmith

alarmOne of the main things to keep in mind when it comes to your security situation at home, is simply that the more you keep security in mind, the more effortlessly it will happen naturally.

Thinking in secure ways is something that your locksmith is always promoting. Of course we do not mean to say that you should be paranoid or subdue to trepidation.

Locksmith aim to do is to help you ensure that your home or business is not faced with unnecessary risk, by keeping the right things in mind. If you are new to thinking about security, perhaps your business have just grown to size or you may be a new home owner.

No matter what your reasons are, good security thinking habits is something which your locksmith can help you with.

If you get in touch you can book in with an experienced expert who can help you find your footing. Tips, tricks, advice and ways in which you can keep a safe and secure environment for yourself, your family and your work colleagues is all something you can gain from your knowledgeable and trained locksmith.

Having been in the industry for long years, always keeping active and aware to news and developments, the team here has developed what could be described as a sense of security. An intuition which rings the alarm bells when there are areas of risk in our view.

Also, if you are looking to upgrade your security situation, it’s always best to speak with someone who has expertise in the area, and here the caring and friendly locksmith is always at your disposal. You can call at any time with your questions or requirements, and everything from recommendations to installation and customer satisfaction is something that gets the highest diligent attention from a locksmith who knows their trade.

The anti-snap locks!

You may or may not have heard about a weakness in locks which are widely used, called snapping. For your locksmith this is something of major importance, as we know the vast number of homes in the UK who stand vulnerable towards this type of attack.

So we bring you this information in hope that you will also take the simple action of having an up to date lock installed at your home or place of work. Below you can see a video example of how quick burglars who know about this technique can gain access to a home without the proper protection.

If you are unsure if your home is in need of greater protection against this, please feel free to get in touch with your locksmith, we can let you know over the phone if you take note of what lock you have installed if you have an anti snap cylinder in place.

If you are in need of getting one installed, of course with your locksmith you will be able to find quick service so that you can rest safe at a home as soon as possible.

Of course you can find a full range of different other services that you may require here, so don’t hesitate if you are in need of any locksmith. Get in touch with our wonderful team today.

Security Locksmith Information.

Count on your Local Locksmith to give you great security advice! Here are a few ways to improve your homes security and maybe even be the difference from being the victim of a house invasion! So keep reading for great tips and tricks to reduce the chance.

Install a spot-light. Motion Sensor

With winter coming and the longer nights coming its important to be able to see any threats that may be there. Spot-lights that are installed with a basic locksmith motion sensor that will detect any movement and will turn the light on allowing you to see any threat.

We can also install a basic motion sensor (where possible) for you! Just call your us today.

The highest standards

The highest standard

key cuts to perfection every timeHere we always do each job with the care and attention it requires, and with keys being an item of high importance, we of course treat each key duplication job the same.

Through time, training and practice the team here have become masterful in the art of key cutting, something that we are proud of, and with a guarantee to duplicate your keys to the finest detail.

Using strong material for a long lasting and hardy set of keys and putting all the time and energy it took to perfect the technique into each key cut, will no doubt guarantee you the best quality around, and at that, the service is rapid and available when you need it.

We have a passion for keys and key cutting, and if you have any questions on the topic you can always give us a call and ask. We love hearing from those who give care and attention to keys.

Should you be the holder of a custom made security key which you have gotten though the previous owner of the house, and are unsure of how to get them duplicated, get in touch with us, we can cut a range of speciality keys, and if nothing else you will certainly have a good idea of where to go should we be unable to help you with your special request.

Call today to speak to our key cutting masters, and get in touch to have your spares cut, fast, easy, and of top quality.

Window Bars.

We are always here for you to help increase the security of your home. Window bars are a great way to do this. Windows are a weak spot in houses allowing intruders to break through them easier than a door.

Window bars with a specially designed lock on the inside that still allows you to open your windows during the day will help reduce the risk of your home being broken into. When an intruder is looking to get into a persons home, they look at how hard/easy it is to do so, if your home looks like its hard to break-into, its more likely that the intruder will move onto an easier target.

Locks for windows?

Following on from the installation of window bars, here at our business we highly recommend that you install locks across your range of windows too! The opportunity to double-up on security is surely a bonus!cheap locksmith

A window is a very vulnerable area on your house as it is merely a panel of glass that can be broken into. General damage can already make your windows weak, and during a break-in, your windows will be the point of entry for any shady character trying to enter your home.

This is why we give you double the opportunities to keep your windows safe from outsiders by installing a lock and window bars.

By having a lock on your windows you are making your property almost full proof from unwanted entry as you are treating your entire home with the same level of security as you would your front door.

Call us now for one of our trained and friendly locksmiths to install locks on as many windows as you like.

Lock checks with the specialists

lock check specialistFor the team here there is an in depth understanding of the immanent need for keeping a good security situation at home and at work. This may sound dire, however it is not our intent to scare or alarm anyone, not more than what is healthy anyway.

What locksmith Islington recognises is that today there are more reasons than one to ensure that your home or business is kept safe, the first and most important thing in a row of things which can be done is to ensure that you have the right type of protection installed for your doors. Ensuring that your locks are up to date is simple and without great cost.

Getting in touch with our lock expert will no doubt ensure that your locks are not easy to bypass without the proper key.

We would like to inform you that today there are a row of methods commonly used by burglars to get into monitored buildings in the matter of minutes, and having an expert check your locks is something which can prove a valuable investment. Anti snap, anti pick and anti bump locks might be something that you have come across if you’ve ever investigated the region before. We are here to help you find what is suitable for you, and what keeps you best protected against the threats that your property may be facing.

Getting in touch with us is easy, and booking an appointment for a lock check, and potential lock change, is something that can be done around your timetable. So there are no good reasons to wait with such an important task. Feel free to call at any time.

If you need a help

Helping you

helping you secure your homeFor the team here one of the most prominent factors of keeping a good situation at home security wise is simply to be aware of it. There is no one point or one product which means that you are secure just by getting it installed.

Ensuring that you have the right habits, don’t advertise through the windows what you have of high worth in your home, and of course that you have the sufficient physical protection required in terms of good high quality locks and alarm systems.

If you get in touch with the experienced experts here today you will be on your way to a more secure home.

Assisting home owners on their way to put security features in place, in the clever way is an area in which we have been active for many years. Long lasting customer relationships are built between the team and those we help with services, giving us great insight to your personal security situation, as well as educates and keeps you up to date with what is current, and what is required.

Questions are happily received by a friendly locksmith, and no matter if it’s with regards to products, your security, repair requirement or other, you can always rely on this flexible team to help you along. Having your home inspected by the trained and experienced locksmith will help you find the point in your home security which could use a bit of extra attention.

Regular services are of course also always available and but a phone call away, so feel free to get in touch if you need help with repairs, installations and home or business security, the team is ready to take your call at any time for urgent emergency lockout situations as well.

By going with a caring and understanding tradesman as the one you can find here, you will guarantee yourself the facility to always have someone to call when you need it!

Custom made security

custom suited security Thoughts wandering towards the topic of your home security situation is something that is more and more common today, this for the team here is something we endorse and are fully with. Ensuring that your security at home or at work is up to scratch has never been more current and relevant that it is today.

This applies both to home and business owners. We are not out to create panic or scare people, however a friendly reminder to the fact that there are many risk out there, physical and financial. Risk of theft, home intrusion and vandalism are all things which are on the rise in certain areas, but the good news is of course that these risks are something we can combat.

And by getting in touch with your friendly and recommended security experts you will find out just how easy, affordable and effective home and work security can be.

Call today to get any of your requirements sorted, and should you just be searching for advice in the region of how to get started with your own security, call locksmith Islington today.

Here we tailor the solutions around you, meaning that no extraneous features are recommended, prices are competitive and up to date and your situation can be brought up to standard in a way that suits your preferences.

If you call today you can book in for a security inspection of your home or office, and going from a good idea of where your major risk areas lie, the best possible way to allocate your security budget can be looked at. Of course key cutting, lock repairs and replacements, and product installations are all available from us at flexible hours as well, so feel free to get in touch now.

Get a dog say experts

Having a come pet in your home is another great way to increase your homes security! Here we are avid dog lovers. Dogs are great from anything to keeping you company, being your friend and protecting your home when you’re in the house and when you’re out too.

Dogs also acts as a disincentive to burglars attempting to break into your home! So follow our advice today and get a dog, a best friend and a protector.

The security benefits of man’s best friend, without the responsibility

a barking dog alarmThere are many discussions on how to keep safe today, and something that the team has come across often in conversation is the keeping of a guard dog, even if this is seldom the sole reason in the UK to have a pet, the thought still occurs to many. We see the sense in it, and if you do get a dog for the purpose of home security and train it accordingly, that would indeed be a great way to keep your home and you in a safer way. Of course we understand that not every situation warrants getting a dog, and if the only role that the dog plays in your life is to fill the need for security, the team here does not approve of the choice.

This simply, as there are many ways to protect your home without the need to get organic life involved. There are for instance the electronic equivalent of the guard dog, an alarm or a device which utters dog noises and barks when the motion sensors are triggered. It may seem silly at first, however if you ever heard the good quality varieties that are out on the market now, you may see just how realistic they sound. Even if you are aware that the sound source is not a real dog, you will still jump as the sound hits, and your mind will still prepare you for fight or flight, meaning that with a device like this. You will catch the potential burglar off guard, and in that instance of atavistic reaction to the sound of danger, often the choice of the burglar will be to run away. If you need help with finding the right model or if you are looking for other security features, feel free to call on the caring team of ours now.