What tools does a locksmith use?

With a trade so specific. It’s no wonder that the arsenal of locksmith tool needs to be of the highest grade. Without the right locksmith tools any job turns into a long and difficult one.

Being experienced in the industry and the trade. Of course our technicians carry both the standard locksmith toolkit as well as personal favourites.

For those of you out there who are interested in the trade. Maybe as a future career. Or for you who is a little curious about how things work. The experienced locksmiths here would like to share some basic information about the locksmith tools we make the most use out of.

Other than regular tools such as screwdrivers, drills and so on here are a few which we think are worth a mention.

Speciality tweezers are one of our standard use locksmith tools. Rounded at the end to be able to hold on to pins. Key gauge for duplication and key making. A range of tools such as followers end cap removal tools for re-keying. Each smith will also always carry a pick set for lockout assistance needs.

These are just a couple of the locksmith tools that are carried at all times. Together with spare parts and spare locks. Our vehicles are equipped to handle any situation at any time. Give us a ring if you need emergency help now. Or to speak with an expert about locks, keys or locksmith tools.

A regular locksmith pick setPerhaps the most interesting part for you who are not in the run for becoming a locksmith. The pick set. Perhaps you are wondering if you will be able to learn how to pick locks yourself.

Next week we’ll take a closer and more detailed look at that here. Please read on.

What can I do if I’m in a lockout situation?

There is no right or wrong ways to react if you are struck with the unpleasant surprise of being locked out. Lockout situations are by nature stressful. And if you are in one now. By no means is it time to panic. First our professionals, who have seen many lockout scenarios play out would like to recommend some actions.

Trace back your steps to when you last had your keys. If lost keys are the reason that you have lost access. If there is not time, or if you’ve lot transportation means to do so. Go and ring on your trusted neighbours door. The one that you pre-emptive saved a spare key with for situations such as this.

If a key cannot be attained this way, get in touch with the close family member or friend that has the other spare key, and ask them to get to your location.

what to do if in a hard lockout situationWe understand that lockout situations are never planned. Sometimes we are left without choice. If you are stuck, give us a call now. Our 24 hour available lockout service is ready and available for you at all times. We are local, fast, trusted and arrive with the tools needed to resolve your situation.

In summary, there is no way to completely prevent a lockout scenario from happening. After all. We carry our keys everywhere we go, and if you haven’t updated to a keyless system yet. Then these things can happen. Save the number for your local trusted lockout service now. Find it on our homepage or contact page now.

Of course you are free to get in touch at any point with regards to any of your lock or security requirement and questions now. We work hard to keep prices low and competitive for you. And to combine it with brilliant service which leaves you no reason to ever have to find another locksmith service again.

What tools does a locksmith use?