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key cuts to perfection every timeHere we always do each job with the care and attention it requires, and with keys being an item of high importance, we of course treat each key duplication job the same.

Through time, training and practice the team here have become masterful in the art of key cutting, something that we are proud of, and with a guarantee to duplicate your keys to the finest detail.

Using strong material for a long lasting and hardy set of keys and putting all the time and energy it took to perfect the technique into each key cut, will no doubt guarantee you the best quality around, and at that, the service is rapid and available when you need it.

We have a passion for keys and key cutting, and if you have any questions on the topic you can always give us a call and ask. We love hearing from those who give care and attention to keys.

Should you be the holder of a custom made security key which you have gotten though the previous owner of the house, and are unsure of how to get them duplicated, get in touch with us, we can cut a range of speciality keys, and if nothing else you will certainly have a good idea of where to go should we be unable to help you with your special request.

Call today to speak to our key cutting masters, and get in touch to have your spares cut, fast, easy, and of top quality.

Window Bars.

We are always here for you to help increase the security of your home. Window bars are a great way to do this. Windows are a weak spot in houses allowing intruders to break through them easier than a door.

Window bars with a specially designed lock on the inside that still allows you to open your windows during the day will help reduce the risk of your home being broken into. When an intruder is looking to get into a persons home, they look at how hard/easy it is to do so, if your home looks like its hard to break-into, its more likely that the intruder will move onto an easier target.

Locks for windows?

Following on from the installation of window bars, here at our business we highly recommend that you install locks across your range of windows too! The opportunity to double-up on security is surely a bonus!cheap locksmith

A window is a very vulnerable area on your house as it is merely a panel of glass that can be broken into. General damage can already make your windows weak, and during a break-in, your windows will be the point of entry for any shady character trying to enter your home.

This is why we give you double the opportunities to keep your windows safe from outsiders by installing a lock and window bars.

By having a lock on your windows you are making your property almost full proof from unwanted entry as you are treating your entire home with the same level of security as you would your front door.

Call us now for one of our trained and friendly locksmiths to install locks on as many windows as you like.

Lock checks with the specialists

lock check specialistFor the team here there is an in depth understanding of the immanent need for keeping a good security situation at home and at work. This may sound dire, however it is not our intent to scare or alarm anyone, not more than what is healthy anyway.

What locksmith Islington recognises is that today there are more reasons than one to ensure that your home or business is kept safe, the first and most important thing in a row of things which can be done is to ensure that you have the right type of protection installed for your doors. Ensuring that your locks are up to date is simple and without great cost.

Getting in touch with our lock expert will no doubt ensure that your locks are not easy to bypass without the proper key.

We would like to inform you that today there are a row of methods commonly used by burglars to get into monitored buildings in the matter of minutes, and having an expert check your locks is something which can prove a valuable investment. Anti snap, anti pick and anti bump locks might be something that you have come across if you’ve ever investigated the region before. We are here to help you find what is suitable for you, and what keeps you best protected against the threats that your property may be facing.

Getting in touch with us is easy, and booking an appointment for a lock check, and potential lock change, is something that can be done around your timetable. So there are no good reasons to wait with such an important task. Feel free to call at any time.

The highest standards